I’ve written and edited professionally across a wide variety of industries and media for 20 years, with the past 6+ focused on content marketing in the software development space. Below is a small sampling of my work.

Freelance Writing

Should Founders Be Bloggers? How To Know When it’s Time to Hire a Writer

Kill Your Ideas, Save Your Startup

Overwhelmed By Your Workload? How To Escape The Too-Many-Tasks Trap

Content Marketing Manager,

Vonage (2018-present)

Communication is Key to Remote Work

Black Friday? Cyber Monday? Holiday Shopping is Now Every Day

Reimagining the Customer Experience in 2020: Why the Winners Will Take All

Telemedicine in the Cloud: The Flying Doctors of 2025

APIs: A Key Part of Any Digital Transformation Strategy

Content Writer & Managing Editor,

Stack Overflow (2016-2017)

Do Developers Need College Degrees?

How to Rock a Side Project When You Have No Free Time

Is an Early Stage Startup Right for You?

How to Find a Remote Job You Won’t Regret Taking

Why Developers Should Always Be in Job-Seeking Mode

Overall editorial management of the Stack Overflow Blogs

Just for Fun

I used to blog. A lot. Everything from 2014 on is like, me trying to bust out of my boring state job and get into the tech industry (I did it!), but before that it’s a lot of fun.